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Our Story

We distribute Korean cosmetics to wholesalers, retailers, retail customers and the largest European cosmetic chains; Drogerie Markt (in 260 stores), Rossmann (in 50 stores).

Through extensive commercial experience and expertise, we also provide CPNP registration and Responsible Person services for Korean companies.

We have been operating since 2007, with headquarters in Kecskemét. In the beginning, we only dealt with the import and sale of organic products, then our love of the Korean language and culture led us the way to Korean products and ultimately cosmetics.

From 2011, the import of Korean cosmetics gradually became our main activity, starting with BB creams, and thus preceeding by years the general appearance of BB creams in Europe. For more than 11 years, we have been making available the newest and best quality Korean cosmetic products on the domestic market.

Korea is one of the four, so-called "trend-setting" countries in cosmetics: they not only brought BB creams or snail slime products on the market of comsmetic industry, but also other active skin beautifying agents such as Vitamin B3, or Adenosine.

The Korean beauty industry is one of the largest in the world, only the cosmetics market (without decorative cosmetics) is approx. 1,800 billion HUF in size, so due to the very strong market competition, only the producers who provide more/better than average are able to survive. Thanks to this, we can choose from a wide range particularly high-quality products every year when visiting Korean exhibitions.

We consider it our mission to make Korea's world-famous skin care methods and cosmetics widely available to domestic customers.